October is Agriculture Month

Our Food Has A Story is the theme for Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan.

Clinton Monchuk is the Executive Director for Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan.

He says it’s important that farmers take time to share their story with consumers talking about what they do and why they do it?

“It’s important to talk about why we use Roundup? Why we need to have antibiotics in our toolbox to treat sick cattle, birds or hogs in the event they get sick? Once you actually sit down and explain exactly what farmers do and why there’s a light that goes on that says ok that makes sense.”

He encourages farmers and ranchers to talk with consumers in the grocery store and on social media.

“You know I think that just holds a huge amount of weight to the pride farmers have for being environmentally conscious about what they do on their land, being good stewards of the animals that they raise and also this effort to make good food. It shows because consumers are saying we trust what you say. We just have to make sure those avenues are open for the communication to happen. ”

He notes we just really want engagement between the two groups to make sure we all understand where we’re at.

October is Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan, National Farmer’s Day October 12th.

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